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Life Can Change In The Blink of An Eye

You have spent and will spend your lifetime building your estate. You deserve to have a say in what happens to it and yourself if you become disabled or incapacitated; also, what happens to your estate- your valuables- when you die.  But you must plan now. Life changes quickly. If you fail to plan, your state legislatures have developed one for you. You and your loved ones will probably not like it - loss of control, slow, public, expensive. 

Whether you need a Last Will and Testament (Will), a Revocable Living Trust,  a Durable Power of Attorney, a  Medical Power of Attorney  or Healthcare Directive(Living Will) our attorney can assist you.  Our Estate Planning services combines convenience and affordability with professional legal advice and individually drafted documents to meet your unique needs.  We offer fixed fee packages that include all of the documents which the vast majority of individuals need to protect their, estates, and loved ones, and themselves. ; and, we offer a payment plan.