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We generally charge a fixed fee for estate planning services because we believe it is the best pricing model for our clients.  Moreover, it allows them to budget and plan for payment of heir attorney’s fees. Hourly rates can lead to unexpected bills that are far more than originally estimated. However, the amount of the flat fee ultimately depends on the complexity of the estate. 

Although fees are determined on a case by case basis, below is a break down of the typical price range for estate planning (* All documents and services are simple or basic and do not include special gifts, special langage, cost or expenses. You may request additional features or services at additional fees, cost, or expense): 

Packages And Individual Documents (Prices reflect minimum or starting prices)

*Will Package - Individual* - Start Price: $799.99
*Will Package - Husband & Wife (Reciprocal)- Start Price: $999.99
*Revocable Trust Package - Individual - Start Price: $1299.99
*Revocable Trust Package - Husband & Wife(Reciprocal) - Start Price: $1999.99
*Power of Attorney Package - Start Price: $399.99

Revocable Living Trust Package Includes: 

  • Revocable Trust
  1.  Paragraph by paragraph summary of  the estate planning provisions
  2. Summary of  Fiduciaries and Client information
  3. Declaration of Trust
  4. Certificate of Trust
  5. Pour-over Will(s)
  6. Financial Power(s) of Attorney
  7. Medical Power of Attorney
  8. Voluntary Advance Directive for Receiving Oral Feeding and Fluids in the Even of Dementia, and Living Will
  9. Form for Distribution of Personal Property
  10. Instructions for transferring assets to Revocable Trust
  11. Burial Instructions
  12. HIPPA Waiver
  • Two (2) 30 minute telephone consultation sessions with the Estate Planning Attorney
  • Package does not include individual or special gifts (additional charges).

Will Package Includes:

  • *Simple Will
  1. Financial Power of Attorney
  2. Medical Power of Attorney
  3. Voluntary Advance Directives for Receiving Oral Feeding and Fluids in the Event of Dementia, and Living Will
  4. HIPPA Waiver
  5. Form for Distribution of Personal Property
  6. Summary of estate planning documents
  7. Burial Instructions
  • Two (2) 30 minute telephone consultation session with the Estate Planning Attorney
  • Package does not include individual or special gifts (additional charges).

Power of Attorney Package includes:

  • Financial Power of Attorney, Medical Power of Attorney, Voluntary Advance Directives for Receiving Oral Feeding in case of Dementia, Living Will, and HIPAA Authorization Form
  • 30 minutes telephone consultation

Solo Documents  & Minimum Starting Prices

1. Simple Will (Individual): $399.99   

2. General Durable Power of Attorney (Individual): $249.99 

3. Health Care Directive w Medical Power of Attorney, Living Will & Oral Feeding Order(Individual) : $249.99

4. Living Will  (Individual): $199.99 

5. HIPPA Waiver (Individual) : $99.99

6. Simple Deed: $199.99 and cost

Other Prices-Contact Us

30 minute telephone consultation included

- Simple Will include a general gifts to a group, i.e., my children. Additional fees for special gifts.