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The Edwards' Law Offices prides itself on keeping  its prices reasonable. We offer free consultation  and we generally charge a fixed (flat) fee for our estate planning services because we believe it is the best pricing model for our clients.  It allows them to budget and plan for payment of their attorney’s fees. However, the fixed (flat) fee ultimately depends on the complexity of their  estate and the documents requested and may differ than the amounts below. 

We also offer a  payment plan. 

  • The annual percentage rate is 0%.
  • A 25% down payment is due upon your signing an engagement letter with us.
  • The remaining balance is due in equal monthly installments over the term of the payment plan, which shall not exceed 12 months.
  • The first monthly installment is due the first full calendar month after your documents are signed.
  • Each monthly payment will be automatically charged to your credit card on or about the 15th of each calendar month.
  • There is no prepayment penalty.
  • There are no finance charges or other fees applied to the balance.
  • Documents to be released after final payment unless other arrangements are made in advance for their release.

* See the Notes* at bottom of the page for more information about prices and terms.  

I. Basic Packages ( All price reflect minimum or starting prices):

Basic or Simple Will Package:  $999.99 (Individual) $1299.99 (couple) . This package is ideal if you have only a few assets and no minor children. It includes includes:  ConsultationSimple Will, Durable Financial Powers of Attorney, Healthcare Directives (Living Will/Medical Powers of Attorney), HIPPA WaiverBurial Instructions,  Supporting documents.

Basic or Simple Revocable Living Trust (Probate Avoidance RLT) Package: $1599.99  (Individual)  $1999.99(Couple. This package can help your family and loved ones avoid the long and expensive probate process. It includes: Consultation, Revocable Trust, Declaration of Trust, Certificate of Trust, Pour-over Will, Durable Financial Powers of Attorney, Healthcare Directive(Living Will/Medical Powers of Attorney), Instructions for Retitling Assets into Trust, Burial Instruction(s), HIPPA Waiver(s),  Supporting documents.

Power of Attorney Package: $499.99 (Individual) - $699.99 (Couple) This package can help you and loved ones avoid a lengthy and costly guardianship/conservetorship processIt includes : Consultation, General Durable Powers of Attorney, Healthcare Directive/Medical Powers of Attorney, HIPAA Authorization Form.

Family Will Package: $1299.99 (Individual) $1599.99(Couple).  This package is ideal if you have minor children or grandchildren you wish to leave a gift or  wish to leave assets to adult children in trust (non-SNT) until they reach a specified age(s) or other milestones. It  includes all the features of the Basic or Simple Will Package  plus one testamentary trust provision.

II. Stand-alone estate Planning Services: (Note: All prices reflect the minimum/starting prices):

  • Stand-alone Basic Will, Only: $299.99 (Individual) and $399.99 (Couple)
  • Stand-alone General Durable Powers of Attorney,  Only : $199.99 (Individual) / $249.00 (Couple)  
  • Stand-alone Medical Powers of Attorney, Only : $199.99 (Individual) / $249.99 (Couple) 
  • Stand-alone Limited Powers of Attorney for Real Estate, Only: $199.99
  • Stand-alone Custodial Powers of Attorney, Only : $199.99
  • Stand-alone HIPPA Waiver, Only$99.00 (Individual) / $149.99 (Couple) 
  • Simple Deed, only, (i.e., Beneficial, Quitclaim,  General Warranty Deed): $349.99 per deed and cost
  • Affidavit of Death or Affidavit of Entirety, Only: $199.00 and cost
  • Third Party Special Needs trust Added to Will or Trust Package: $1499.99

III. Other Estate Planning Services:  i.e., Special Needs Trust, Pet Trust, Gun Trust, Real Estate Trust, More - Contact us about terms and pricing.

Once you retain our services (sign the fee agreement and pay the deposit) we will begin to draft your  documents. In approximately 30 days(depending on the complexity of your estate and your cooperation) we will complete a draft of  your plan and post it on our password-protected portal  for you to review at your convenience and any feedback.  After hearing from you, we will prepare the final draft of your estate plan documents for you to download from our secured portal and sign. 


  • A Basic Will leaves your entire estate to one or more persons. Except for general bequests of tangible personal property, it does not include specific gifts (bequests), provisions for minors, or any other trust.
  • The pricing for all documents includes only the drafting and signing of the initial document. Additional fees apply f0r any changes (codicils) or amendments made after signing. Prices are subject to change without notice.
  • All packages include 30 minute free consultation
  • We do not give tax advice.