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The Edwards' Law Offices prides itself on keeping  its prices reasonable. We generally charge a fixed fee for our estate planning services because we believe it is the best pricing model for our clients.  It allows them to budget and plan for payment of their attorney’s fees. However, the fixed fee ultimately depends on the complexity of the estate and the estate plan documents requested. 

Below is a break down of the typical price range for estate planning which are subject to change without notice. 

I. Packages (Note: All price reflect the minimum/starting price):

Simple(Basic) Will Package - Individual: $799.99
Simple(Basic)Will Package - Couple: $999.99
Revocable Trust Package - Individual: $1299.99
Revocable Trust Package - Couple: $1899.99
Family Will Package - Individual: $999.99
Family Will Package - Couple: $1299.99
Powers of Attorney Package: #399.99

Revocable Living Trust Package Includes: 

  • Revocable Trust

  1.  Declaration of Trust(s)
  2. Certificate of Trust(s)
  3. Pour-over Will(s)
  4. Durable Financial Power(s) of Attorney(s)
  5. Healthcare Directive/Medical Power(s) of Attorney(s) with living will provisions
  6. Form(s) for Distribution of Personal Property
  7. Burial Instructions
  8. HIPPA Waiver(s)
  9. Supporting documents

Will Package Includes:

  • Simple Will(s)
  1. Durable Financial Power(s) of Attorney
  2. Healthcare Directives/Medical Power(s) of Attorney with living will provisions
  3. HIPPA Waiver(s)
  4. Form(s) for Distribution of Personal Property
  5. Burial Instructions
  6. Supporting documents

Power of Attorney Package Includes:

  • Durable Financial Power of Attorney
  • Healthcare Directive/Medical Power of Attorney(s)with living will provisions, and HIPAA Authorization Form

Family Will Package - Couple

This plan includes  reciprocal Wills with one none SNT Trust provision for children and/or grandchildren, plus all of the documents in the Basic Will Package.

Family Will Package - Individual

This plan includes  reciprocal a Will with one None SNT Trust provision for children and/or grandchildren, plus all of the documents in the Basic Will Package.

II. Solo or Stand-Alone Documents (Note: All prices reflect the minimum/starting prices):

  • Stand-alone Basic Will Only$299.99 (Individual) / $399.99 (Couple)
  • Stand-alone General Durable Power of Attorney Only) : $199.99 (Individual) / $249.00 (Couple)  
  • Stand-alone Medical Power of Attorney with living will provisions: $199.99 (Individual) / $249.99 (Couple) 
  • HIPPA Waiver Only$99.00 (Individual) / $150.00 (Couple) 
  • Beneficial Deed: $249.99 , and cost (Single Residence) 
  • Other Estate Planning Services, i.e., Special Needs Trust, Pet Trust, Gun Trust, Real Estate Trust, More - Contact Us For Pricing

30 minute telephone consultation included

  •  Note.  A Basic Will leaves your entire estate to none or more persons. Except for general bequests of tangible personal property, it does not include specific gifts (bequests), provisions for minors, or any other trust. The Family Will Packages are for families with minor children, as we1l as parents who wish to leave assets to their adult children in trust (non-SNT) until they reach  specified ages or other milestones.
  • We do not give tax advice.