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Our Estate Planning Services combines convenience and affordability with professional legal advice and individually drafted documents to meet your unique needs.  Our packages include all the documents which the vast majority of individuals need to protect their estates (assets and loved ones) and themselves. 

We offer:

  • Free Initial Consultation 
  • Fixed Fees*
  • A draft of your document for reviewing/approval on our password secured site 
  • A Payment Plan- for those who may need one  with a zero annual percentage rate, a 25% down payment due upon your signing the engagement letter, pay the remaining balance in equal monthly installments over the term of the payment plan. There is no prepayment penalty, finance charges or other fees applied to the balance. The documents will be released after final payment unless other arrangements are made in advance for their release)

* See the Notes* at bottom of the page for more information about prices and terms.  

I. Packages. .

Complex Will Package:  
This package includes includes: Simple Will, Durable Financial Power of Attorney(s), Healthcare Directive(Living Will/Medical Powers of Attorney), HIPPA Authorization Form, Burial Instruction, and Supporting documents. It is ideal if you have only a few assets and no minor children. Distribution is general - additional charge for special gifts. 
Price:  $999.99 (Individual) $1299.99 (H&W)

Family Will Package: 

This package includes all the features of the Complex Will Package  plus one testamentary trust provision. It is ideal for families with minor children or grandchildren they wish to leave a gift,  or  adult children they wish to leave assets  in trust (non-SNT) until they reach a specified age(s) or other milestones.

Price.  $1299.99 (Individual) $1599.99(H&W)

Complex Will Package With A Third Party Special Needs Trust:  
This package includes all of the features of the Complex Will Package, plus a Special Needs Trust. It is ideal if you have only a few assets and a beneficiary with special needs. 
Price: $1999.99 (Individual) and $2299.98 (H&W)

Revocable Living Trust Package:
This is a probate avoidance package. It includes: Revocable Trust, Declaration of Trust, Certificate of Trust, Pour-over Will, Durable (Financial) Powers of Attorney, Healthcare Directive(Medical Power of Attorney/Living Will), Instructions for Retitling Assets into Trust, Burial Instruction, HIPPA Authorization Form, and Supporting documents. It can help your family and loved ones avoid the long and expensive probate and guardianship process. Distribution is general.-additional for special gifts
Price.  $1499.99  (Individual)  $1999.99(H&W)

Revocable Living Trust Package With A Third Party Special Needs Trust
This package includes all of the features of the Revocable Living Trust Package, plus a Special Needs Trust. It is ideal if you have a beneficiary with special needs. 
Price: $2299.98 (Individual) and $3199.99 (H&W)

Power of Attorney Package:  This package includesGeneral Durable (Financial)Powers of Attorney, Healthcare (Medical) Power of Attorney/Living Will), and HIPAA Authorization Form. It is  ideal for parents with high school and college students, 18-years of age and older, and other unmarried adult children.  It can help them and their adult children avoid a lengthy and costly guardianship/conservatorship process

Price $399.99 (Individual)


Simple Will:  This is a simple will, only. However, most people need additional documents for complete protection, i.e., living trust, powers of attorney, HIPPA Authorization Form. 

Price: $299.99 (Individual) and $399.99 (H&W).

Beneficiary Deed:   This deed avoids the probate. The owner of the real estate transfers it to designated beneficiary (including a revocable trust) upon death. But title remains in the owner's name and does not take effect until their death.  They can change it or revoke it entirely during their lifetime. Package includes the beneficiary deed, only.

Price: $249.99 and cost ($100.00 Recording Cost).

Affidavit of Death of Joint Tenant:
Price: $249.99 and cost ($100.00 recording cost).

Affidavit of Entirety:                      
Price: $249.99 and cost ($100.00 recording cost)

Affidavit of Heirship: 
An Affidavit of Heirship is a legal document used to establish the legal heirs of a person who dies without a will
Price: $699.99 and Recording Cost.  

Financial Powers of Attorney,  Only : 

Price: $179.99(Individual)

Healthcare (Medical) Powers of Attorney, Only :                                    

Price: $179.99 (Individual) 

Custodial Powers of Attorney, Only :  

Price: $249.99

HIPPA Waiver, Only:  

Price: $99.99 (Individual) 

Affidavit of Death of Joint Tenant: 

Price: $179.99 and $100.00(Recording Cost)

Affidavit of Death of Tenant by Entirety: 
Price: $179.99 and $100.00(Recording Cost)

II. Other: (Contact us about pricing)  

  • Pet Trust
  • Gun Trust
  • Real Estate Trust
  • Small Estate Administration 
  • Probate Avoidance
  • Real Estate (Deeds, Contracts, Leases)
  • Small Business Formation ( Corporations, LLC, Partnership Agreements)
  • Unbundled and Limited Scope Legal Services

* Prices quoted above reflect minimum prices. The final price depends on the complexity of the matter, including, and additional documents requested.  All prices are subjected to change without notice.