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Unbundled and Limited Scope Legal Services

There are certain legal  matters where full legal representation throughout the entire course of a case is unnecessary. Limited scope representation is a fee arrangement in which the client and the attorney agree that only specific legal services will be performed. This gives clients more control over the amount of work done by the law firm, which can greatly reduce legal costs.

While everyone may need an attorney from time to time, it is often the case that quality legal representation may be out of reach for some.  At The Edwards' Law Offices our experienced attorney can still provide the same high level of service, but on an as-needed basis. Some  examples of these legal services include:

  • Preparation of pleadings, i.e., complaints, petitions, answers, orders, etc.
  • Preparation of Discovery, i.e., interrogatories, request to produce,  responses to discovery, etc.
  • Representation at uncontested hearings and motion hearings;
  • Review documents
  • Draft demand letters
  • Draft documents, deeds, contracts, etc. 
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