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Estate Planning Attorney 
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Licensed in Illinois and Missouri

You have spent and will spend your lifetime building your estate with valuables . You deserve to have a say in what happens to your estate and yourself if you become disabled or incapacitated, and, when you die.  But you must act now because life can change in the blink of an eye.  If you fail to plan before disability and incapacitation, and when you die, you forfeit a valuable right  to someone that you may not know, i.e., state legislatures, probate court, or even to some one you may not trust to make essential decision about the welfare of you, your loved ones, and assets. 

It is important to prepare now for the future. A comprehensive estate plan can not only address what will happen after your death, but it can also ensure that you will have the means to provide for yourself and your family during your lifetime. It is  not just for a few famous, rich, wealthy individuals, but for everyone (18 years of age and older) , regardless of background, and wealth.  Moreover, it is essential if you have minor or special need beneficiaries. 


Although, we a primarily an estate planning firm we offer connected legal services: Real Estate Transactions (beneficiary deeds and other deeds, leases, sale and purchase contracts/agreements), Small Business Organization (incorporation, partnership agreements, LLC.), Estate Administration (i.e., heirship affidavits, small estate).  

Can't come to us? Not a problem. I will meet with you personally via a telephone or in a zoom-like conference.  What are you waiting on? Contact us today - free consultation.