The Edwards' Law Office     

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We are a new kind of law firm for a changing society. We are a cloud based firm that ministers to the legal needs of clients in Illinois and Missouri with a special touch. 

An integral part of our business and legal service include the use of modern technology to:

  • serve our clients better and more efficiently
  • make our services more affordable 
  • make our office and legal services more accessible to those who find making office visits difficult, impractical, or inconvenient because of previous commitments, work, travel, health issues, childcare, etc.  

Moreover,  we  appreciate our clients and take great pride in serving them. We:
  • are consistent, patient, and professional
  • give each case the attention that it deserves
  • seek to understand our client's legal needs;
  • work closely with them on their legal matter; and,
  • aid them with making the right decisions with respect to their legal needs